Monday, March 29, 2010

Week of March 29, 2010

Monday: No homework Tuesday: Homework Packet will be sent home for Easter Break. All homework will be collected upon your child's return to school on April. Wednesday: 11:20 DISMISSAL NO AFTERSCHOOL Please be on time to pick up your child. I hope you have a wonderful Easter vacation.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

week of March 22, 2010

Homework Monday: Math - Page 82 - More likely/less likely/equally likely Tuesday: Math Page 83 - Problem-solving Phonics - Worksheets - The letter Ll Letter recognition,Sound to Symbol Gym - Please wear proper gum uniform Wednesday: Math Page 84 - Joining Phonics Worksheet - The Letter Ll - Handwriting 12:20 Dismissal Thursday: Math Page 85 and 86 addition Phonics - Worksheet - The letter Ll Spelling words to memorize Sad, Glad, Add, Had, Bad, Dad Friday: No Homework 11:20 Dismissal Note: On Thursday, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden will be visiting our class and helping us to plant Desert Plants. On Friday we will dismiss at 11:30 in preparation for Saint Agatha school annual Card Party.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week of March 15, 2010

WEEK OF MARCH 15, 2010 Monday: Reading - Worksheets - High-frequency Words(131,132) Tuesday: Math - Page 78 - Equal Parts Page 79 - Symmetry Reading - Worksheets - High-frequency Words (179,180) Gym - Please wear gym uniform Wednesday: Math - Page 80 - Explore Halves Phonics - Work Sheets - The Letter Ss Saint Patrick's Day Breakfast 12:20 Dismissal Thursday Math - Page 81 - Explore Fourths Phonics - The letter Ss. Friday: NO HOMEWORK Note: If your are interested in student scholarship please contact the school office for information