Friday, October 22, 2010

Homework Week of October 25, 2010

Monday: Phonics - Worksheet - beginning consonant. Color the pictures that begin with Gg. Math - Worksheet - Compare Height. Circle the tallest object. X the shortest. Tuesday: No Homework Class trip to Green Meadows Farm. Please wear gym uniform. Lunch and snack must be in a plastic bag. No school bags or lunch boxes needed today. We will be departing at about 9:15am. We will return before 2:30pm. Chaperons must be in school at 9:00am. Wednesday: Phonics - Worksheet - short Oo sound. Write the missing o for each word. Math - Patterns - color the next shape to complete the pattern. Thursday: Worksheet - Short Oo sound. Color the pictures. Trace to words using a pencil. Friday: No Homework Halloween Party for those who are participating . Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Week Of October 18, 2010

Kindergarten Homework Monday: Phonics - Worksheet - Circle and color the words that begin with the letter Oo Math - Page 4 in math workbook Tuesday: Phonics - Worksheet - Color the spaces that contain items whose names begin with the sound of O Math - Page 5 in math workbook Gym Pizza day Wednesday: 12:20 dismissal Phonics - identify animals whose name begin with the letter Oo. Color pictures, trace and print the letter Oo Thursday: Phonics - Identify, trace, color and cut out letters. Glue Cc to items whose name begin with the sound of C and Oo next to items whose names begin with the sound of O. Friday: No Homework Note: Our class trip to Green Meadows Farm is on October 26th . We look forward to seeing all those parents who requested to chaperon. Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Week of October 11, 2010 Homework Tuesday: Phonics - Worksheet the letter Ss - Circle the picture whose name begins with S Math - Worksheet - Alike and different Gym - Please wear appropriate gym uniform to school Pizza Day Wednesday: 12:20 Dismissal Phonics - Worksheet the letter Ss - Color the picture whose names begins like Sun Math - Worksheet - Same color Thursday: Phonics - Worksheets the letter Ss - draw lines to connect the picture with the sound of the letter Ss. School Photos taken - SCHOOL UNIFORM MUST BE WORN Friday: Dress down Friday No Homework Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

October 4, 2010

Week of October 4, 2010 Homework Monday: Phonics - Worksheet - circle the picture whose name begin like robot Math - Worksheet - Before, between, after Tuesday: Phonics - Worksheet - circle the pictures whose name begin with Rr Math - Worksheet - Top, Middle Bottom Gym Please wear proper gym uniform. No laced-up sneakers please Wednesday: 12:20 Dismissal Phonics - Worksheet - Color the picture that begins like robot Math - Worksheet - Left, right, between Thursday: Phonics - Worksheet - Draw lines from the letters to the pictures that begin with that sound Friday: No school. Have a wonderful weekend. Note: There may be additional verbal classroom direction given for completing homework. This helps to build listening skills and help students follow directions. Please sign and tape or paste homework in homework notebook. some of the children are still wearing laced up sneakers. please note only Velcro or buckle shoes are to be worn even on dress down days. Thank you for your cooperation.